Industrial Making of Limousine Cars

Industry Manufacturing of Limousine Cars

The limousine business is vibrant in the United States and Europe as 2012 statistics indicate that the limousine market size in the U.S was over $4 billion with more than 4,000 limousine companies. Though few individuals own limousines, many of these cars are owned by governments and companies. In governments, limousines are used to transport senior politicians while corporate companies provide limo service to their executives and guests. Besides, nowadays, limousines are used to provide up market taxi services and usually booked well in advance. With finer designs such as the novelty and exotic limousines, there is increasing demand of limo services that limousine dealers should tap.

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The limousine is regarded as the epitome of all the luxury cars. A typical limousine has a lengthened wheelbase, it is equipped with the finest features, and it is usually driven by a professional chauffer. Either the manufacturer or an independent coachbuilder extends the chassis of the limousine giving it its “stretch” look. These cars are normally associated with wealth and power and whenever a limo pulls over, everyone knows that the person being chauffeured is well endowed with cash. Also, limousines are hired for special events such as weddings making them the most expensive form of automobile transportation. Renting a limo service is a way of expressing someone’s individuality.
Manufacturers of luxury cars, a coachbuilder or a car designer modify the luxury marques, into a stretch limousine and adding amenities to customize it in order to make a design statement. The majority of these companies produce these cars in regards to customer requests and as such, a buyer will want the car to be highly customized to fit his or her specific tastes. Apart from luxury, a buyer might want security features such as bulletproof incorporated in the design. Consequently, to accommodate these buyers’ wishes, these cars usually come with huge price tags. For the end user wishing to rent one verses buy one, check out Metrocity Limosuine Service. They have several locations in the US and can be found by visiting

Do You Need A College Degree To Venture In Business?

Do you need a college degree to go into business? Forget having an MBA , is it really recommendable for you to finish that college degree you have been studying for.Recent survey show that you actually don’t need to have a college degree for you to succeed. Below are reasons why you don’t need a business degree .

1.You Don’t End Up Making As Much Money As You Think
– A recent survey by PayScale shows that a business degree Is not among the best paying degrees.
– Business actually ranks 56th among the highest paying degrees.
– A college degree in business does not necessarily constitute to a higher paying job .
– Back to the question , do you really need a college degree for you to succeed in business?

2. You Don’t Learn Much In School As A Business Undergraduate Student
– Research clearly shows that about 45% of college students don’t learn much of anything.
– Business majors don’t learn a lot in the two years and more than one graduate out of three improve their analytical or writing skills.
– In comparison to students in disciplined like science and maths, business students do relatively low.

3. The Job Market Is Crawling With Many Business Majors
– It is very difficult to stand out of the crowd with a business degree.
– In the job market , you find one out of every five new college graduates is a business major.
– You therefore don’t need to waste four years doing that college degree for you to succeed in the field of business.

4. Majoring In Business could Hamper Your Chances for An MBA
– With respect to the subtitle , not having a college degree in business could actually help you in applying for an MBA.
– Recent research shows that about 25% of students who have college degrees proceed to do an MBA.
– This clearly shows that you don’t need that college degree for you to start your own business .

5. You May End Up Having A Very Low Quality Of Life
– Research from economists show that Harvard Business School graduates were actually doing about 15 years after graduating.
– The survey went as far as showing that the business graduates were actually having a rough time managing both career and home life.

6. You Don’t Need A Business Degree To Work In Business
– A business degree does not equip you with skills to work in the corporate world.
– The skills that are valued in a workplace include teamwork skills, analytical skills and communication skills.
– A recent survey shows that 89% of surveyed employees claimed that they need college students who pursue liberal arts education.

7. Pressure Of Doing A Business Degree
– Recent survey shows that if one is pressured into doing a business degree are less likely to succeed financially or professionally.
– Basically you don’t need a business degree for you to thrive in the corporate world .
– You should actually set to follow your own path.

8. You Can Make More Money With An Economics Degree
– Students pursuing economics actually succeed more than those doing a business degree.
– If you are adamant in studying your college degree rather than pursuing business first , an economic degree is number 10 in PayScale’s list.
– Economics is one of the liberal arts and most employees seek to get college graduates in this field.
– You might want to reconsider your decision to pursue a business college degree.
– In other words , a business degree does not guarantee you success financially in the field of business.


About half of small-business owners who were polled in a recent survey, showed that new employees don’t need a diploma for you to get their approval. The most valuable asset Is not what you learn in a classroom . A factor of built-in savvy and intuition are the most valuable assets.